Joshua Dawson; Amy Murphy; Geoffrey Von Oeyen "One of the key characteristics defining a micro-library is the ability for individuals to exchange information in a fairly anonymous manner. Our team became intrigued early on with the idea of using the micro-library as a vessel by which to exchange information or even secrets between the various members of our USC community. When exploring different potential sites on campus for our library for such an exchange, we concluded that historically fountains are thought of as ideal sites for individuals to meet and talk in private – as fountains often are places of respite but also distraction. Once the idea of exchanging secrets via a site involving water became central to our project, we started to explore the iconic “message in a bottle” metaphor — eventually leading to the creation of our final multi-vessel organic figure which appears to float in a fountain, asking individuals to leave an anonymous message for another unknown receiver on a matter of great personal concern." -Amy Murphy

Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3
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