Team: Joshua Dawson; John Milian Advisor: Geoffrey Von Oeyen Technological innovations are always at the forefront of design decision making. Fibre shell is a product of such a decision making processes. Form finding techniques as not just being a result of the material properties but also its fabrication methodology. Inspired by the precedents of sailing wherein the internal layouts are compact and efficient at their functional best, the carbon fibre shell structure conforms accordingly. However, enclosures were never a product of the internal spaces alone but they also responded to the outer forces. Thus, fibre shell sees a two part skin that folds intelligently according to specific logics and in the process allows for the emergence of a new form of aesthetic possibilities. The fabrication of these pieces pushes the traditional boundaries of composite mould making and utilizes the present day additive manufacturing techniques for the formation of moulds that do not require to be released and can be retained to form a sandwich layer.

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